Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fleeting Encounters

Life is full of fleeting encounters... people come, people go. Some stay in your life longer than others, some you wish stayed in your life longer. I guess everything is based on 緣分...  Just like there are different stars to guide you at night during different seasons, there will be different sets of people for each stage of your life. Different people will protect you, help you, guide you, and just be your companion on your journey... but as much as we want the same set of people to stay with us, people grow apart, move on, loose touch.... I guess I'm fortunate enough to have friends that I've known since I was a wee lad and still keep in touch with them. 

From Taipei snapshots (台北隨意拍) 2007
Fleeting Encounters... we walk past hundreds (if not thousands) of people each day, sometimes with only a passing glance, sometimes your shoulders connect for just a split second as you squeeze past them during morning rush hour. Who are these people? If you actually stopped and said "Hi" what would happen? Would you actually become friends? With every step we take, we have an opportunity to turn a fleeting encounter into a life long relationship... will you seize the opportunity and take a chance or will you simply let that door close?

I took this shot while waiting for my friend on the way to work one morning.  I almost instantly fell in love with the shot and oddly has become one of my favorite shots. I am not entirely sure why I like it... but here are some thoughts:
  • I like how the girl's light color jeans just jumps out from the rest of the people.
  • I like the nice smooth light from the MRT shining down from the top, creates nice soft shadows directly below the feet
  • The motion of the closing door adds a sense of urgency to the shot
  • Only showing the legs adds a sense of mystery to the show, who are these people? What do they look like?
I don't know, maybe you hate the shot, but for some odd reason it just connected with me :). But the real question is... will you reach out, and connect with people (me) or will you simply let this encounter pass by :)