Tuesday, November 4, 2008


So Halloween just passed, and as part of the office tradition... everyone dresses up (well, it is highly encouraged) and we hold a parade with prizes and stuff. For the first time in years, I dressed up for Halloween (for those who knows me... the last time I dressed up was when I put on a suit of cardboard armor with cape and the whole deal. Oh and a 5+ ft long bastard sword made out of wood). I got dragged into this year's Halloween festivities by a few coworkers, while I wasn't able to help them with the making the costumes (mostly due to my vanpool and work schedule), I really appreciated their insistence on including me in the fun :).
I know they've put a lot of effort, heart and soul into making each outfit... here are some photos:

Yep! They made sushi costumes! Uni, Tako, Tamago, Salmon, Salmon Roe... made from pillows, and fabrics... they even made cute little wasabi hats with ginger!

Then there was me...

as the sushi chef! 

Together our group won the best group costume and got a nice restaurant gift certificate as reward. It was great fun I just wish I had more time to participate in it. Oh well, maybe next year :). Happy (belated) Halloweens everyone. Hope you had a safe fun weekend.