Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hong Kong...

Just finished going through my HK photos... now I'm all done with my New Zealand + HK trip... all done with 2008. As I mentioned in my initial post about the trip, I was not particularly happy with the photos from Hong Kong. I really felt like I did not capture the feel of the city. I know Hong Kong can be both so beautiful (both in nature and in the architecture) and interesting (bustling streets etc)... I felt like I didn't capture either aspects. To make up for it, I was much more heavy handed in my post processing... I guess that is how people make up for flawed photos... heavy post... lots of saturation, etc. Except I went with lower saturation, I ended up trying to create a more consistent faded/old grungy feel to most of the photos, under exposed, desaturated etc. Also did a lot of high contrast black and white (mainly because the weather was terrible....).  Oh and since it was HK, I had to take a lot of food photos, I took a photo of just about everything I ate :D.

Here are the photos from my 2 days in Hong Kong