Friday, April 24, 2009

About time...

Sorry for the lack of posts... I've still been uploading photos... but been busy as heck lately. Work has gotten hectic, and life has taken a dramatic change...

Some quick updates on photos:

Finally uploaded my photo shoot with my friend Betty. This was my first "studio" attempt and basically used 2 flashes with umbrella (sometimes using 'clam' method with one above and one below, other times using more standard 45 degree angle, etc)

Big thanks to Betty for being such a great model!

I'm currently working on a wedding I did back in March... hope to post that soonish... but here are some more photos from my life...

And since it's spring... I gotta post a quick flower picture right?

From Some random shots

Ok... other than all the photo update... what I really wanted to post about is a feature that Picasaweb recently launched: instant comment notifications. Now photo owners will get notified immediately when someone leaves a comment (enabled by default) and what is even better is that when you respond, all the other commenters will know about it! So now when someone asks a question about one of your photos (or if you want to ask a question), don't be afraid to respond because now they will hear your answer! Hopefully this will really help drive conversations within Picasaweb and help you guys make friends.