Saturday, July 21, 2007


So another hectic week has gone by. Another launch :). I guess my coworkers were right... it doesn't get better. I always told myself... after the geo crunch, I'm soooo taking a vacation. But things just kept going, more things to fix, more work to do... this time it was for mapplets (you can check out the mapplet here).

Or just go to the my maps page and then click on add content and search for "picasa". now you can browse all the public geotagged photos in picasa web! I've found a number of amazing pictures/albums already and its quite addicting. Its especially fun to take a look at your home town and see what kind of photos people take there. Apparently people like to take pictures of food in Taiwan and south east asia... :)

On a completely different side note... I just spent the past several hours watching YouTube...

"First Time"

"Fairy Tale"