Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Olympics - fin

So the Olympics ended almost as spectacularly as it started. The closing ceremony was as beautiful as it was abstract and fantasy like. On top of that, it had some of my favorite Chinese singers... and that's really all I needed to make it the best ceremony EVER, yes EVER.

Here are some more photos from the Olympics from The Big Picture

I really enjoyed looking through the pictures, I thought it not really captured the grandeur of the show China put on... but it captured the very essence of the Olympics. Dreams realized, records shattered, missed opportunities, heart breaking defeat, physical perfection... it had it all. From Lolo Jone's stumble that dropped her only opportunity for gold to a mere 7th place finish, to Usain Bolt's super-human feat of finishing the 200m sprint in a mere 19.30 secs. Some of these images will stay with me (and perhaps, stay with everyone) for ever...