Friday, September 5, 2008

Destined Evolution....?

So Canon has started running a full teaser campaign today... The Canon USA site has a little flash movie with a moon showing the shadows of a new DSLR with the tag line... "Destined Evolution", you can see it at Canon Europe also has a flash ad with the tag line "The EOS story continues.... See the future of photography.... stay tuned" on their home page.  I guess the rumors are true, Canon is releasing another DSLR this year... and logic would suggest that it is a 5D replacement of some sort... rumors are flying all over the place about 2 DSLRs, 7D and a 3D etc etc. I guess either way, something IS finally coming after months and months of chatter about a 5D replacement... something is finally coming... unless it is a 1D Mk IV >.<....  Either way, all this hype has gotten me excited again... but the anticipation is killing me. I guess either way I'll have a new camera... just whether it is the 50D or something else :).