Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The long road...

This long road we've been walking down finally comes to a close... today marks the official launch of Picasa Web Albums and Picasa 3.0. It's the biggest update to both the client and the web site since initial launch of the product just over two years ago. The main updates to the client include:
  • Much improved collage and movie maker to give you more choices and complete creative freedom
  • New text tool to let you add text in all sorts of cool ways/fonts/colors
  • New touch up tool to fix distracting blemishes (now you can fix up your photos like a pro!)
  • New integrated photo viewer, a lightweight tool that lets you view photos, slide show, that is directly integrated into Windows
  • Sync with Picasa Web Albums, now whatever changes you make locally will get sent up online automatically!

Unfortunately, Picasa 3 is only available for English (U.S.) users at this time, but it's pretty cool stuff and worth checking out! You can try out the new version at

Picasa Web also launched it's new version which includes several key new features:
  • Facial recognition aka 'name tags.' You can easily tag the people in your photos with a name and create custom slide shows containing those people. Want to find all the pictures of your grandma and share that slide show with her on her birthday? Sure no problem! Just opt into the name tag feature on the settings page, tag all the photos with grandma in it and just make sure those name tags are public (can be changed from settings page as well as on individual album level). This is available in English only right now.
  • Creative commons
  • E-mail upload, now you can upload photos from your mobile device or even set up forwarding filters in Gmail so all the photo attachment you receive automatically gets uploaded to Picasa Web.
  • Explore page, which lets you browse the wonderful community within Picasa web from looking at featured photos, popular tags, recently uploaded public photos from around the world as well as play a quick game of guessing where the photos were taken ('Where in the World').

Come check out all the new features!