Saturday, August 25, 2007

Is it time to go back?

Man... I can't believe two weeks went by just like that. The last week has gone by especially fast with working at the Taipei office. It's just been work + chatting with coworkers and dinner and home. But at the same time... I guess I got quite a bit done... new hair cut (that costed over 20 dollars... but I guess thats pretty standard for hair stylist and the full treatment), I guess I like it. People say I look younger with it... to really look good I guess I gotta use a little gel or hair wax... I wonder if I'll actually try to maintain it. Eventually it'll grow long and I'll go back to my usual haircut... but at least for a few days I get to look different :0. I also picked up a new pair of glasses... it's slightly shaded gray so it looks almost like a light sunglasses. It looks darker in pictures than in real life I think... this random guy on the metro already commented that its a really nice pair of glasses. Apparently he really likes it hehe.

But man I've gained so much weight... not just from Google, but from just being in Taiwan. I think I've probably gained 3-6 lbs in two weeks... all that good food is killing me. After dinner I almost always go to a nearby night market for some shaved ice or 愛玉... maybe the ever popular mango shaved ice... That and I've been eating later than normal... At least I'm walking more... but obviously thats not enough.
So as usual I've been out taking pictures of everything I can think of... been traveling to various places outside of Taipei. Unfortunately unlike last time I didn't have time to really travel far (like go down south... I've mainly still stayed in the northern half of the island but got to revisit many places I haven't been since I was a kid which was kind of cool. I also got to meet a friend that I met on WoW (pictured left... Kenavalon from Cenarius... at least I think that was his character :)). It's been such a long time since I played WoW (oh wait, I just played when I was back in Taiwan...). But anyways, it was cool to meet him in person for the first time.
I've also finished organizing one of my albums from my trip along the northern coast of Taiwan. I got to visit 野柳 (YehLiu) which I haven't visited in around 20 years. Needless to say the place has totally changed. Luckily the iconic Queen's head is still in place... but as they say with erosion... that head could snap in the not so distant future. Anyways, here is the album: