Friday, August 17, 2007

Typhoon @ Taipei

Well... the typhoon (Sepat I think its called) will make landfall tomorrow (8/18). Apparently its pretty strong typhoon (roughly category 4 hurricane in the west). Its been a couple of years since the last time I experienced a typhoon in Taiwan. I think one year I visited there were 4 or 5 typhoons one after another. 2 of the typhoons even merged together and became this dual typhoon thing... I think my dad and I even went out to 石門水庫 (ShihMen dam) to see it opening the water gates... much to my step mom's disapproval :). She thought we were nuts but my sister wanted to go too so she had to come along :). Picture below:
It's one of the crazier things I've done, driving out (roughly 40 some minutes) in typhoon weather to take pictures of a dam :). I think my dad actually ended up sleeping most of the way too, leaving only my step mom awake to keep me company as I did the driving.

But anyways the weather is always the best right before a typhoon so the past two days I've been busy traveling taking pictures. Today was no exception.... it was sunny enough outside in the morning so I grabbed my camera and went to Taipei Water Museum (where it talks about the water processing and stuff like that). It has a beautiful garden and buildings... apparently a lot of couples gets their wedding photos done there (and it is quite beautiful, I have to go back for a portrait shoot myself someday). Anyways, as I was changing filters today, my external flash fell out of my backpack to the ground! I think it mostly works... as far as I can tell anyways. The only thing that seems to be broken is the LCD (some of the characters don't display anymore... bleh :(.... I should have been more careful.

My grandma also seems quite upset with me lately... probably due to the fact that I haven't been home for a meal since... well... Sunday night (the day after I got back to Taiwan). I went down to say hi before I left this evening and she didn't even bother looking at me.. hehe. Oh well :)