Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Raining @ Taipei

So I've arrived in Taiwan... been here for a couple of days now. Its been mostly raining every day, today is the first time I saw the blue sky since I've been back. Its so weird coming back sometimes... like I'm not sure how to feel. For the first couple minutes, I have to readjust myself not just in terms of language, but how to interact with my friends. I mean its not a problem since I've been friends with these guys for 10+ years now as we watched each other grow up. But it takes a few minutes to adjust to what they are saying with the newest hit phrase... (2 years ago was 機車 now its 殺 among other things). On top of that, I live in a house thats a home... but at the same time its not. Its almost as if I am living in a hotel... except not as well maintained and "clean". Though I am sure my home is actually cleaner. But then again I only spend a few of my waking hours at home. I've mostly just been meeting people, old friends, KTV, enjoying great food etc etc :). The usual stuff in Taiwan with some photography thrown in.

Speaking of photos, I did a quick photo shoot with a friend. I thought it was gonna be informal... it was a cloudy day... things were kinda gray so it's not like I can take pictures of much else so I called her up to see if she wanted to do a quick photo shoot. Little did I know she went all out for me, putting on a yukata (kind of like a Japanese style bathrobe). No wonder it took her all morning to get ready with makeup, hair and all. Needless to say, I was VERY pleasantly surprised.